Feb 23

Setup Domain Mapping to WordPress Network

Once Network is enabled, you can have multiple blogs created under the same site.   Domain mapping allows for each blogs to appear as a different site.  The WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin accomplishes the goal:

  1. Install the plugin via the Administration -> Plugin -> Install Plugin page
  2. Find the plugin, and then install
  3. Copy the sunrise.php in the root of the plugin, and move it to wp-content (two directories up)
  4. Copy the domain_mapping.php to wp-content/mu-plugins (you might need to create the mu-plugins directory)
  5. add define(‘SUNRISE’, ‘on’); to wp-config.php
  6. Go to Administration -> Super Admin -> Domain Mapping, and configure the domain mapping setup
  7. For each of the sites created, add the domain that you want to map against – the site is identified via a numeric ID instead of its name

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