Feb 23

Setup a LAMP Stack in Linode

The Base Image

  1. Purchase a Linode node is straight forward, except my credit card marks it as a fraudulent purchase… it’s never clear whose fault it is under this situation
  2. Linode has a decent size of documentations @ http://library.linode.com
  3. Linode instances are managed via https://manager.linode.com
  4. Create a node requires selecting a data center and a Linux distro image
  5. Linode has something called StackScript for pre-canned, configurable installation scripts that can be run as part of the image initialization
    1. One such script is for installing a generic LAMP stack
    2. The script is basically equivalent to the documentation @ http://library.linode.com/lamp-guides/
    3. The particular LAMP StackScript is http://www.linode.com/stackscripts/view/?StackScriptID=10
  6. The node does not auto-boot after initialization – it requires manual booting.  This is not clear from the way the Linode Manager UI is laid out
  7. Once booted the image is accessible via SSH or LISH

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