Feb 23

Moving Servers Out of Garage

I have been running production servers from my garage in the past few years, but this approach suffers from the following issues:

  • Consumer broadband is not reliable enough – although broadband such as cable or DSL are much more reliable then before, they are no where near the 5-9s needed for production servers
  • Home power source is not reliable enough – power source at home are also unreliable, power outage are frequent occurrences, and automatic backup power capability causes quite a bit of capital
  • Hardware eventually also breaks down and needs maintenance

The above more or less caused me to be stressed about my servers whenever I am away for an extended period of time.  It’s time to make a change and unchain myself from my garage setup, and find a different option for my servers.

The potential options are as follows:

  • Shared Web Hosting
    • Pro
      • Cheap
    • Cons
      • the only standard configurations (such as LAMP) works.  Since I run Racket web server, this is out of question
  • Virtual Private Servers
    • Pro
      • Full access of a virtual server
      • Cost – Able to buy a “slice” of server if one do not need a lot of computing power
      • Others manage the HW; I only focus on SW
    • Con
      • Cost – for an equivalent colocation slice
  • Colocation
    • Pro
      • Best bang for the buck – a single U is cheaper than multiple slices of VPS
    • Con
      • Back to manage the HW myself
      • Cost – high if I only want a slice of power

Since my goal is to unshackle from the HW for the time being, VPS appears to be the best option.  I will be moving my servers online in the next few weeks.


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