Feb 23

Install WordPress

  1. In Ubuntu, the Apache web server runs under the user www-data.
  2. The LAMP StackScript sets up the root directory for the default site to be at /srv/www/<default_hostname>
  3. The LAMP StackScript does not install PHP, so we need to install PHP ourselves
  4. WordPress requires the web server to have the privilege to modify the site directories
    1. Modify /srv/www/<default_hostname>/ to belong to www-data group will suffice to solve this problem for now
  5. Create a user & a database for wordpress in MySQL
  6. Download and unzip WordPress
  7. Copy the unzip directory over the /public_html under the site root directory
    1. Most WordPress are installed in blog sub-directory of public_html, but if you want to create a network of blogs (multi-site blogs), you’ll need WordPress to be installed at the document root
  8. Access the site from the browser, and go through the WordPress installation process

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