Feb 23

Enable SSL in Apache

In ubuntu, apache’s config files lie in /etc/apache2, and it uses two sub directories to determine the list of available virtual hosts:

  • /sites-available – holds the configuration files of the defined virtual hosts
  • /sites-enabled – holds symlinks that link back to the virtual host configuration files /sites-available. ¬†Each symlink indicates the enabled virtual hosts

The symlink have the same name as the configuration files they point to.

Within /sites-available, it holds a configuration file called default-ssl, that specifies a default configuration for the ssl site.

To enable SSL in Apache:

  1. Enable the SSL module via a2enmod ssl
  2. Create/import certificate & private keys as required
  3. Make a copy of default-ssl, call it something like <new-ssl-site>, and modify it according to your needs
  4. Make a symlink from /sites-enabled to your new vhost file
  5. Enable the new site via a2ensite <new-ssl-site>

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