Feb 23

Create a WordPress Network

Since WordPress now has the network capability built-in, it’s very straight forward to create a network of blogs.

WordPress handles two different types of network:

  • sub-domains – i.e. http://<blog_name>.your-site.com
  • sub-sites – i.e. http://your-site.com/<blog_name>

The sub-domain approach requires more work in a lamp stack, so we’ll go with sub-site approach:

  1. Add define(‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true); to wp-config.php
  2. In Administration > Tools > Network, configure the network, and then install
  3. The page will generate two blocks of code for you to use
  4. Copy the first generated block into wp-config.php
  5. Copy the second block into .htaccess file at the wordpress root directory
  6. Make sure Apache’s mod_rewrite is enabled via a2enmod rewrite
  7. Logout/login again
  8. At this point you will see a “Super Admin” panel in the Administration page. ¬†Network is enabled

Once the network is enabled, we can create multiple blogs, and have different domains map to the blogs.


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