Feb 23

Choosing a VPS Provider

As a first-time customer of VPS services, my choice of VPS is based on the following criteria:

  • Reputation – positive word-of-mouth from its users is a must.  Well-known is better than non-well-known
  • Cost – the cheaper the better of course, but well-known and pricier is better than non-well-known and cheaper
  • Location – prefer to be in US. Also prefer English
  • OS – Looking for Linux capability only for now

Usability and Performance are two additional factors that I would like to add for consideration, but since I won’t know either until I start using them, it would be hard to use these two as criteria unless they are so obviously spottable (or others have spotted them).

The following are the VPS that I found:

  • Amazon EC2 – very famous of course, but not that cheap for continually running service
  • Slicehost – well known, but more expensive than Linode
  • Linode – well known, cheaper than Slicehost
  • Bytemark – not based in US, don’t understand how currency affects the cost
  • mihosnet – not based in US and site not in English (there might be an English link somewhere on the page that I did not find)

There are other services out there that I did not find, but this is not a boil-the-ocean exercise.  I choose Linode for now based on the above criteria.  I might change my mind again after I start using Linode, of course.

Below are some reference links on discussion threads:


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